Avoiding The Design Vs Content Trap

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When considering developing a brand new website, many often get caught a “design vs content” trap. Lets explore some strategies to avoid this potential pitfall and save money at the same time.

Having developed several hundred web sites over the last 14 years, one typical difficulty I’ve witnessed new website clients struggle over is a dilemma about design versus content. This is the choice of whether to develop a website that is visually stunning or one that is simple and easy to use. Many times the two options don’t mesh, as designers often get trapped producing gorgeous websites that aren’t easy to navigate through, take much longer to load and frustrate visitors in the long term.

The first essential question to ask is — what is the website’s real purpose? The fact is, most folks use the internet to gather information — they find things fast then move on to the next distraction. This instantly disqualifies around 80% of most individuals from choosing a design-centered method because the fact is, most visitors don’t care what their website looks like — they just want one that is easy to use, provides quick results and doesn’t waste their time trying to impress with it’s style.

By focusing almost solely on substance over style has another benefit — it makes for much more affordable websites. Lower development expenses will help new web site owners to channel their resources on creating unique content instead, rather than worrying too much about colors and shapes.

One exception to this rule is for entertainment-driven sites… movie productions, musicians, etc. The mission of these types of projects is to present a unique image or style, but these sites are the exception, other than as a rule.

So to conclude, new website owners would be best served focusing mainly on creating strong content and fret less over how “cool” their website is. Leave style to the stars and focus on what your visitors really want — easy to access information and pages that are simple to navigate. The good news is that there are many development companies offering inexpensive website packages, making this kind of site very affordable.

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