Which Is Better: Teeth Whitening Trays Or Teeth Whitening Stips?

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People often wonder if a thin strip of material is really better than using a tray that bathes your teeth in whitening compound. They come in the same strengths so they are essentially the same. So if you are looking for a solution to whiten teeth, which should you choose?

Teeth whitening strips are far more convenient to whitening trays. There is no messy setup or cleaning after use. There are also many brands of whitening strips that are nearly invisible. This means you can wear them and still be able to socialize. Whitening trays are unsightly and interfere with even basic conversation.

Strips have less waste and less mess than the tray and are far easier to use. Mixing compounds, putting them into the tray and securing the tray take time and can be a huge mess. With teeth whitening stips, you simply remove them from their package, apply them to your teeth and discard the wrapper. Nothing is easier than that! No cleaning and no wasted compound.

When you are between treatments teeth whitening strips are easy to store away in any medicine cabinet. Since each strips is contained in its own package, you do not have to worry about washing or storing bulky tooth trays or tubes and bottles of compound. If you are ever traveling, you will be thankful for the convenience of whitening strips over having to carry a tray and all the things that go with it.

Teeth whitening trays are old technology used by dentists years ago. Now there are many other options within the teeth whitening strips market. There are different designs and strengths to make them easier to use and match your own dental needs. There is no need for the bulky try to whiten teeth, not with the convenience and ease of using teeth whitening strips.

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