Save With MetroPCS Family Plan On Five Phones

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The Metro PCS Family plan is basically just the Metro PCS Unlimited plan with a slight discount. If you add a new line to your plan, you get a $5 savings on up to five added lines. If you have several people you want to add to your plan, you can do so through the family plan from Metro PCS. The Metro PCS unlimited plans are quite attractive to a lot of people and the company has recently added several new high end Android phones, which is a very good thing for people looking for better prepaid phones. For most of prepaid’s history and also Metro PCS’ history, the phones haven’t really been that exciting. Let’s be honest. But all that is changing now. The reason this is relevant to this article is because you can choose any of the phones available from Metro PCS to add to your Metro PCS Family Plan.

Save on Multiple Phones

It’s quite a coup if you are looking for a bunch of prepaid phone lines on good phones. But you do need to keep in mind that part of the hype is marketing. I don’t mean to put Metro PCS in a bad light because every company shows themselves in the best light when it comes to advertising, but you do have to pay more for service from some of the higher end phones. But you do get to save the $5 per phone line, so that’s a plus. The total savings with this plan (on five lines) would add up to $25 per month or $300 per year in a perfect world. But you know how things always seem to change–you make some kind of addition in your phone options and you start to pay more. You just always want to be extra careful to read the fine print, know what your plans gets you, and do the best to stay on top of all your phone bill charges.

Is this Plan a Good Option?

The Metro PCS family plan may be a good option because you can use any Metro PCS phone for any of the lines, you save $5 per added line, and you get unlimited service. But there is a bunch of competition out there from Straight Talk, Cricket, and TracFone.

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