Marketing Your Small Business With Boostability

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Before a new business owner can launch their company, they will likely make a variety of careful preparations aimed at ensuring their future success. The majority of these business plans will involve the financial concerns of the business, such as the best way for the business owner to balance their earnings against their costs and manage their various lines of credit. The business owner will also learn how to keep track of the operational concerns of their future customers through a certain type of software. This way, the business owner will be able to service their clients’ accounts, change their customers’ orders at will, and, slowly but surely, develop a strong consumer base. Through these thorough preparations, the new business owner will all but guarantee their future success. However, once the business owner actually launches their website, there is no way of knowing whether or not consumers will actually visit the site and purchase the business owner’s products and services.

Thankfully, there is now a very effective form of internet marketing called search engine optimization, which, when performed by professional marketing agencies like Boostability, will proactively provide consumer traffic to the new e-commerce website. This proactive creation of high-value traffic is the only way that the new business owner can ensure consumer interest in their products or services. The reason that search engine optimization services from Boostability are so effective is that it targets the consumers who are actively searching for information about products or services that interest them. Let us compare the method of marketing a certain e-commerce product or service through both affiliate marketing, which can also be effective, and search engine optimization. This will help to illustrate the ways that Boostability’s services are superior to other internet marketing tactics. Let us review the new business owner’s efforts to advertise their e-commerce website through affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.

This new business owner has created a new online service that offers handmade business owners a variety of services, such as content generation, web design, and shop critique. Through these services, the owner of a small handmade business, such as those which operate solely on Etsy, eBay, or ArtFire, can increase their sales and develop into a more fully-functioning business entity. The first form of internet marketing that the business owner attempts is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of taking out ad space on other websites across the web, from Google to small business blogs. In order for affiliate marketing to be effective, the new business owner will need to choose websites that are most likely to draw attention from small handmade business owners. For instance, there is a large community of blogs dedicated to the handmade market. This is likely a good place for the business owner to start!

Once the ads for their handmade services have been placed on these niche websites and blogs, the business owner will need to track the clicks that each ad receives. Unfortunately, the business owner will find that even though the ads created an influx of traffic to their website, they were still unable to sell more services to these visitors. After this failed attempt at affiliate marketing, the new business owner decides to hire Boostability to perform search engine optimization for their site. Boostability will attempt to increase the organic rankings for the business owner’s website in searches that focus on their most relevant keyword phrases, such as “handmade business critique” or “increase sales Etsy.” Because the individuals who search for these terms are very interested in the services offered by the business owner, they are extremely likely to purchase them once they find the business owner’s website!

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