How To Plug The “Leaks” In Your Life

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I was reading an article today about productivity (really it was just about life) and I thought I’d talk about it a little bit here today. The article was about the “leaks” in your life. You probably didn’t even know you have leaks, but you do. Leaks are those things that get in the way of accomplishing the things you want to do in life. Recognizing the leaks in your life and plugging them are the first steps to achieving your goals.

Still don’t know what leaks are? Let me give you a couple of examples. Let’s say you want to lose weight. The obvious way to do that is to eat better and exercise. But let’s say you’ve got a soft spot for candy. Every day you eat a bag of candy. That is a leak. Plug the leak and you’ll help yourself out a lot.

I, luckily, don’t have that leak, but I’ve got several of my own. And for me, these leaks are all productivity leaks. I’m a Seattle criminal lawyer, and a busy one at that. That means my time is valuable. One day can be spent just waiting to do a hearing or a trial. That time lost I’ll never get back. Even though my time is so valuable, I’ve still got leaks.

My number one leak is the television. I simply cannot get away from the television. I don’t even necessarily need to be interested in watching something. If it’s available and I’ve got the remote, I’ll watch something. The way to plug this leak is obviously by watching less television. But it’s bigger than that. Keeping television away is the easiest thing to do – so I do it.

Another leak I have is a bad system for handling everything going into and coming out of the office. I don’t lose anything, it’s simply inefficient. And whether a criminal attorney or anything else,¬†inefficiencies¬†kill. So I’m coming up with a system that makes everything run smoother. I’m plugging the leak.

What leaks exist in your life? Find them and plug them.

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