How Safe Is Zyrtec For Dogs?

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Zyrtec is a common allergy medicine that contains cetirizine hydrochloride.  It works well in humans and it also helps canines with similar problems.  Since it is a drug, it is best to do research and speak with a veterinarian prior to giving any to a pet.  Just because it is available over the counter does not mean that it is totally safe to give to an animal.Before obtaining a prescription, most vets will recommend using a different antihistamine.  Benadryl is usually the first course of treatment for a dog’s allergies and Zyrtec is normally reserved for animals who do not respond well to milder forms of antihistamines.  It is essential to remember that antihistamines are only a treatment and not a cure for allergic reactions.  Zyrtec must be taken on a constant basis to work effectively, so it is not meant to be a one time fix.

Speak With A Veterinarian

All medication has different effects on different people.  The same can be said for dogs.  Zyrtec for various dog breeds will garnish side effects that will vary by pet.  It will be important to consider a dog’s age, health, and allergy problems.  A professional will be able to prescribe the most appropriate drug and dose of an antihistamine.

How To Administer Zyrtec To A Dog

Zyrtec is usually given to a dog once a day.  It is vital to make sure that the animal does not have a bad first reaction before giving more.  If the dog is being stubborn and will not take the medicine, a vet may be able to provide a different form of the drug that will be more readily accepted.

Schedule For Dogs on Zyrtec

It is essential to follow instructions that accompany the drug. Every dose must be given on time and a person must never give the animal a double dose when one is skipped.  Dogs are smaller than humans, so the dosage will be more potent.  It will be much easier to cause an overdose in an animal, so it is better to give too little than too much.

Side Effects

There are different doses and ways to give a dog Zyrtec.  Zyrtec for dogs of different breeds may bring on various side effects.  Fatigue and sedation are the most usual effect on dogs.  It may also make a dog nervous or anxious.  It is wise to keep an eye on the animal’s digestive behavior.  If the animal vomits shortly after the first dose, it should not be given again and the vet should be notified immediately.


Zyrtec is an appropriate treatment for a dog with allergies.  It is commonly used after other antihistamines have been tried and found to be ineffective.  It is always best to work with a veterinarian to get the best results and to keep the dog as comfortable and healthy as possible.  It is never wise to begin giving a pet any new drug without clearing it with a vet first.  The dosage may be too great and cause severe health problems in the animal.

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