Using Canopy Tents On Family Trips

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Family outings are a memorable and enjoyable part of life. Whether it is a week-long camping trip or a day trip to a sporting event, it is common to see families relaxing under a canopy tent. Bringing a little bit of the luxury of home to the outdoors can make the trip much more enjoyable for everyone.

A canopy tent ranges from a simple tarp to an elaborate contraption with all the bells and whistles. Typically, these tents are a heavy duty fabric material, often waterproof, that is suspended on four metal poles. As long as it provides shade, it would be considered a canopy, but there are many different types designed for different needs. There are models available with bug nets, lights, and a full base layer so you are not in contact with the ground. A lot of companies make them so they easily pop up and down and can fit snugly in a carrying bag. It usually takes more than just one person to put one up, but it can be done solo in a pinch. The easiest type for busy families would be the “EZ Up” style of canopy tent. These typically come straight out of the carrying bag, and in one simple pull of the poles, your structure is standing up. You simply attach the canvas top and secure it with either snaps or ties and you are ready to go.

Canopy tents provide shade on sunny days and can also provide shelter from bugs if there is an attached bug net. Families spending long days in the woods will benefit from the bug net more than spectators at a football game. If you’re heading to the ocean, a beach tent (which is kind of a specialized canopy tent) is perfect solution for avoiding too much sun. Regardless of the outing, having one of these on hand will provide a quick and easy spot to relax out of the elements, while still being entirely in the elements.

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