Asparagus Soup – Food For The Soul

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I am looking out the window these days at what I hope is the last of the snow melting on my garden. After a few more warm days, I am going to be anxious to see the asparagus sprouts popping out of the ground. If I am blessed, I will have more asparagus than I can eat for dinner. What a lovely “problem” to have.

Besides sauteing the asparagus and drizzling some olive oil and lemon juice on it, I like to eat it a number of other ways. I will cut it and put it in a salad. I will cut it and toss it in a pasta dish after stir frying it with some spinach and mushrooms. And one of my other favorite ways to eat this wonderful vegetable is in asparagus soup.

Some of the soups require you to puree the vegetables. I heard of a great sounding recipe on the radio the other day which was called green soup that had asparagus, spinach, and chard in it. I have not had a chance to try that one yet, but it looked delicious when I looked it up online.

I have been making so many soups that call for them to be pureed lately that I went out and got a hand held submersible blender for soup making. It sure beats transferring the soup to the food processor and then back to the kettle.

Soup making is so much fun. It is a great way to eat your vegetables and to share the love with your family. Every time you make a soup, it is different. It allows you to test your creativity with spices and you can add new ingredients depending on your mood or what you have in the refrigerator. It is also a great way to reduce your dependence on meat. Check out for some great soup recipes.

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