Hot Stocks In Aerospace And Defense Industry

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The aerospace and defense industry has taken some hits.  The Federal government is slashing their spending.  This is reducing the Pentagon’s budget.  Also, NASA has been hit really hard and that is a huge customer of this industry.  Regardless, there are still stocks that are doing well and continue to have a strong business.  Here are some of those stocks.  Remember to get investment advice before making any stock purchases.

The biggest gainer for yesterday’s trading session in this industry was Ducommun Incorporated.  They closed up 3.46% on the day to close at 15.53 a share.  This stock currently has a P/E ratio of 32.73, which is quite high.  They are a $163.67 market cap stock.  It seems like investors think that this stock has a lot of potential to grow.  They generated annual revenues of $408 million last year and a net income of $19.81 million.

Next on this list of big gainers is Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.  They were up 3.07% in yesterday’s trading.  They closed out the day at 6.37 a share, up 19 cents.  They are a slightly bigger company, but still small, at $219 million.  They brought in similar sales of $408 billion but a net income of $14.5 million.

Innovative Solutions & Support Inc saw a significant gain as well.  They were up 2.16% before the close to 4.25 a share.  They are a micro cap stock at $70 million.  They have a really high P/E of 830.08.  This was on annual revenues of $25 million.

This industry seems to be tracking with the broader market.  In the past month, they have gained 3.25% while the market has gained 4.24%.  They are not doing as well year to date.  They have gained 6.96% and the S&P 500 is up 9.10%.  In the past 12 months, the aerospace & defense industry is flat which the market is up almost 4%.

When you’re learning how to invest in stocks, you want to find out how your stocks compare to the industry and the broader market.  Doing analysis like this can help you do that.

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